How to create the perfect line on the eyelid? If you dream of a timeless and unbelievably effective line on the eyelid, reach for our LIQUID EYELINER. Thanks to it, with calligraphic precision, you can draw an extremely precise, uniform line - just like a real artist. You will be able to enjoy flawless and long-lasting makeup for up to 12 hours.

What you will love it for: it's waterproof, weatherproof and sebum-resistant. It works great during heat or rain. Its specially developed formula prevents smudging and dripping of the line from the eyelid. A high pigment content allows you to create a perfect line without streaks and clearances, which does not fade and does not change its intensity throughout the day.

What will delight you in it: a soft brush with flexible bristles of the appropriate thickness and length, which allows easy and precise application. You can draw both thin and thicker lines with it. Thanks to a special applicator, you will gain the right amount of mass to create an expressive line on the entire eyelid with one stroke.

What else is worth knowing about it: the eyeliner has been tested under the supervision of an ophthalmologist. It has an extremely delicate, odorless formula, ideal for people with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. And its soft brush does not irritate the delicate skin of the eyelids.

How to use it: use the brush to draw a smooth stroke on the upper lash line. Wait a moment for the cosmetic to dry.

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Анхны харц тулгаралт, инээмсэглэл, хурууны зөөлөн хүрэлт. Та эсэргүүцэж чадахааргүй мансууруулагч үнэр. Бүх зүйлийг хөнгөн мэт мэдрэмж төрүүлнэ.
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Францын Грасс бол ид шидийн мэт гайхамшигтай газар. Шингэж буй нарны сүүлчийн тусгал чулуун байшин болон нарийн гудамжийг шүргэх мөчид бүлээн салхины зөөлөн сэвшээ ойр тойрны сарнай цэцэгсийн анхилуун үнэрийг авчирна.
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Ногоон: яруухан гэрэлтсэн өвслөг ургамал, шинэхэн ногоон нахиа, Цэнхэр: Усны урсгал Улаан: Халуун ногоо мэт мэдрэмж төрүүлэм Үнэртний тухай ярихад өнгөний тухай мэдрэмж төрдөг үү?
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